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Managing your vehicle and driver insurance policies becomes a breeze with meshVI’s online insurance management platform

Complimentary access includes:

  • Simplified unit and driver insurance management
  • Seamless VIN verification
  • Instantly access SambaSafety Qorta MVRs and driver monitoring scores

  All basic features are free for Motor Carriers. Full access to features like COIs, AutoID cards, etc., require an insurance agency to subscribe.

Does your insurance agent offer the ease of meshVI?

Without meshVI, your team is wasting hours maintaining manual lists of insurance policies, editing drivers and vehicles one by one, and reconciling reports.

With a full subscription to meshVI, obtained through your insurance agent, you’ll gain access to:

  • Certificates of insurance and auto ID cards, instantly
  • Automated monthly reconciliation reports, sent straight to your inbox
  • Immediate alerts for missing insurance information
  • An easy-to-use online consolidated vehicle and driver list management

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Supercharge your platform with these value-boosting extensions:

Simplify and have confidence in your equipment valuation with access to current asset value data in one easy-to-use platform with this powerful extension.

Make the process of ordering, managing, and analyzing MVR data effortless. This extension provides discounted access to Qorta MVRs and driver monitoring from SambaSafety.

Monitor your DOT data, inspections, violations, and crash information with the DOT data extension.

Get in touch and let us show you how simple managing motor carrier insurance can be.