Our Story

In 1997, our founder, Andy Sharpe, started working in transportation insurance. He soon realized something was missing: a way to help his clients easily manage their insurance needs, all in one place.

In March 2018, FleetVIMS was born to change how the insurance industry serves its customers. Andy teamed up with expert database developers, and in April 2020, they launched a modern Software as a Solution (SaaS).

By April 2023, Transharpe became meshVI. This new name represents our commitment to uniting the intricate threads of insurance information and data into one powerful, intelligent platform.

The “VI” in our name, standing for Verified Insurance, underscores our pledge to empower the transportation insurance industry with reliable data and advanced technology to simplify insurance processes, mitigate risks, deliver confidence, and drive operational excellence.

Our new name signifies our unwavering commitment to advancing the industry, maintaining and evolving the same exceptional platform under a different name.


Andy Sharpe

CEO & Co-Founder

Tiana Schowe

COO & Co-Founder

Kevin Hutelmyer

SVP Product Lead & Founding Member

Eric Spencer

AVP Business Development

Alyona Smokvin

AVP Customer Operations

Advisory Board Team


Jason Hines

CEO and Co-Founder, Gigasheet

Ric Garner

Managing Director, NTT DATA

Rich Bren

VP - Director, MGA Operations